Auto adapting the MAGNA3 circulator

Auto adapting the MAGNA3 circulator

Unveiled for the American market at the AHR EXPO in Dallas in January, the new MAGNA3 circulator from Grundfos is the most efficient circulator pump range for commercial buildings on the market, as well as one of the most intelligent.

The unique AUTOADAPT technology developed by Grundfos is a proportional pressure control with added intelligence, which takes the guesswork out of setting up the pump. With AUTOADAPT the MAGNA3 adjusts its own set point based on actual system performance, by looking for the highest flow condition existing in the system and adjusting its set point for that condition. The result is the lowest possible set point and the lowest energy consumption – all based on actual system performance.

Real-world applications
The AUTOADAPT feature removes the unknowns when configuring a system and delivers the best efficiency rate for real-world applications. And because the pump is set-up to perform in the actual system, it does not compromise comfort demands either. The pump learns from the system demands and reduces its own set point to minimize energy consumption while meeting flow demands.

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Flow limitation

In any control mode, the FLOWLIMIT function will save you the trouble of balancing the set point – the pump will never go above the maximum flow that is entered.

The MAGNA3 is built with additional new technologies and functions that make it even more efficient. The new FLOWLIMIT function and FLOWADAPT control mode (AUTOADAPT with a maximum flow limit) makes it possible to set a maximum flow limit for the MAGNA3 pump. This improves overall energy-efficiency and eliminates the need for pump throttling valves in systems where MAGNA3 is used.

The MAGNA3 also features a built-in heat energy meter that can monitor system heat energy distribution (BTU) and consumption in order to avoid excessive energy bills caused by system imbalances. This feature can save the cost of installing a separate energy metering device within your system. However, to make use of the heat energy meter function an external sensor to measure return pipe liquid temperature must be added. While the built-in heat energy meter is an excellent tool for system optimization, it cannot be used for billing purposes.


More than 150 million circulator pumps are in operation throughout North America and Europe and many of these pumps are inefficient. The MAGNA3 was designed and constructed from the beginning with efficiency in mind and includes new features that further improve efficiency.

This range extension means that it is now much easier to right-size a MAGNA3 for any duty point.



Impeller design
The MAGNA3 impeller has been designed and optimized using 3D development tools to ensure the broadest optimal efficiency across the operating range. The 3D development was also extended to include the design of the pump house hydraulics together with an optimized motor performance, so these could be mutually optimized using flow analysis. The impellers are manufactured from composite to very high to tolerances to minimize losses within the pump itself.

Permanent neodymium magnet rotor ensures that there is zero slip between the rotor and the compact stator’s electric field and provides very strong torque at low power consumption. A new carbon fiber-reinforced composite rotor can minimizes power loss and contributes to higher energy efficiency. Finally, in-slot stator winding prevents the heat loss that would occur in pumps with traditional excess copper outside the iron core.

MAGNA3 is a full-range pump with more than 41 different single and twin circulators in cast iron or stainless steel. Maximum head has been increased to 60 feet and flow to 550 GPM. Running twin pumps on full capacity gives you an even larger performance area. This range extension means that it is now much easier to right-size a MAGNA3 for any duty point.

The MAGNA3 is suited for a range of applications, including heating and cooling applications as well as domestic hot water circulation systems. It is designed to handle liquids down to -10°C, which also makes it suitable for both tough industrial tasks and ground source heat pump systems.

GO mobile

Like all other Grundfos electronic pumps, the MAGNA3 can be monitored and controlled through the Grundfos GO app, which is a free download from the App Store and Google Play.

Grundfos GO gives you intuitive wireless pump control and full access to the Grundfos online tools on the go.

To make full use of the app, the appropriate Mobile Interface (dongle) for an iPhone or Android smartphone is required. If you do not currently own a smartphone, Grundfos offers the Grundfos GO device, a complete iPod Touch solution. Grundfos GO gives you intuitive wireless pump control and full access to the Grundfos online tools on the go. Grundfos GO also allows you to name individual pumps for easy reference.

In work sites where multiple pumps are controlled through Grundfos GO, the built-in wink function on the pump display even lets you know which pump is currently targeted by the application.

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